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A sneak peek into the world of Eclipse is what a lot of fans have been demanding for the past few months. Actually since the release of New Moon to be precise, the trailer that has everyone interested is said to last 7 minutes and is all about Eclipse. The trailer release date is set on the same day and included with the deluxe edition of New Moon. This means that March 20, 2010 is the day we've all been waiting for!

MTV has announced that the Eclipse trailer would be included as a promotion to increase sales at Walmart, which is ridiculous. Don't worry we will present you with the movie trailer in question as soon as it leaks online.

To wet everyone's appetite here's a sneak peek into the Eclipse Movie from Kristen Stewart

She might be less popular because of the man appeal of Edward, but Kristen is a fantastic actress nonetheless, she has charm and a captivating way of speaking and expressing herself. The Twilight Saga wouldn't be what it is without her wits and charm.
"This first-look at 'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' then concludes with the world premiere of an actual scene from the film between Bella and Edward that will surely have "Twilight" fans swooning. "

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Anonymous said...

Actually, This is incorrect..The official trailer release date is TODAY!!! (11th March 2010).....Keep an eye out for the trailer,'s coming today! The 10 second preview was released yesterday and even in 10 seconds you can see that the film looks amazing!!!!
Thank you, Summit, for bringing us Twilight!!!!

Anonymous said...

7 min long trailer at march 20th?
that was yesterday, n i still cant find it ! :(

Twilight Store said...

I cannot wait to see this movie!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So good!

I've watched Twilight Eclipse streaming like 5 times already.

Don't judge me. lol.

Amanda Eltiqaz said...

i like this movie! =D

Anonymous said...

I love Eclipse! I just watched Eclipse online at..